Angie Mathews Artist

bout me

My passion for art was sparked as a young girl when I grew up living among a family of artists. My Nana and two Aunts would sit and paint at the back room table together and occasionally I would be allowed to sit and paint with them. A great treat!

I live in my hometown again now after a few years away and the coastal views here are such a lovely inspiration for painting. Nature’s spiral flow is so clear in the sand dune scenery.

I prefer painting natural subjects. As well as land and seascapes, I also paint animals, angels, goddesses and nature spirits. Really anything that calls to be painted. I work from photographs or direct from my imagination and I paint using acrylic on canvas.

our Painting

You intuit which painting will be most empowering for you. I can journey shamanically on your behalf and ask spirit what image/s will be most beneficial for you. I can journey to meet the spirit of a place, organization or business and ask them which image will bring them strength, vitality, harmony or whichever quality they most require. Or you can use your intuition and choose whichever subject appeals most to you.

All routes will lead us to a happy uplifting outcome. The artwork will be something that will lift spirits and help clear the energy flow in your home or business. Pet portraits are also available. You choose what feels right for you.

rt to Reconnect With Your Spirit

My heartfelt wish is that you reconnect with the zesty and very real spirit of this world through my paintings. That you are left feeling more awake and aware of your own spirit and those of the people, animals and places in your life. My artwork is a powerful conduit for universal light and love.

Blessings be with you, Angie XXX.